Frozen Puff and Pastry

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Kart's Red Bean Pau (Steamed Bun) 360g
Kawan Plain Paratha 5pcs/pack
Kawan Plain Paratha 2kg
Figo Mini Yu Tiao (Cakoi Mini) 160g
Save 11%
KG Pastry Mantou Plain 375g
KG Pastry Mantou Plain 375g
RM 4.99 RM 5.60
Kawan Puff Pastry Square 40g x 10
Save 11%
KG Pastry Mantou Chocolate Flavour 375g
Kawan Onion Paratha 400g
KG Glutinous Rice Ball Peanut 200g
Kawan Chapatti Indian Flat Bread 400g
Save 9%
KG Flower Rolls 375g
KG Flower Rolls 375g
RM 7.49 RM 8.20
Kg Mini Rice Ball Black Sesame 300g
Kart’s Onion Paratha 375g
Pampas Ready Rolled Puff Pastry 1kg
Karts Original Paratha 400g
KG Mini Rainbow Rice Ball 320g
Kawan Puff Pastry Sheets 8 inch 850g
Tricious 9.5inch Chicken Supreme Pizza 300g
KG Pastry Spring Roll Pastry (50sheets) 200g
Karts Chicken Pau (Steam Bun) 360g
Gemie Vegetarian Yam Buns 30g x 9
Sandwich Baguette 1 pc
Kart's Chicken Curry Pau (Steamed Bun) 360g
Kg Glutinous Rice Ball Red Bean 200g
Kg Mini Rice Ball Red Bean 300g
Kg Mini Rice Ball Peanut 300g
Mission Wholemeal Pizza Crust 300g
Le Creperie Felicie 16 Frozen Mini Blinis 80g
Pampas Fillo Pastry  375g
Pampas Shortcrust Home Style 1kg
Foodworth Strawberry Cheese Mochi 120g
Save 65%
Seoul Milk Tomato Cheese Mini Pizza 95g
Karts Beef Pau (Steamed Bun) 360g
Creapan Sweet Toaster Cakes 50g x 6
Noblegreen Belgium Choc Waffles 200g
Kart's Kaya Pau (Steamed Bun) 360g

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