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Dettol Antiseptic Germicide Liquid 250ml
Dettol shower gel original 950ml
Antabax shower cream-pine 650ml+50% *1
Dettol Anti-Bacterial Cool Bar Soap 105g x 4
Libresse Maxi Non-Wings Pad 20pcs x 3
Colgate twister toothbrush (soft)(3+2)
Pantene Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo 340ml
Pantene Hair Fall Control Shampoo 340ml
Pantene gc conditioner daily mstre rpr 335ml *1
Lux soap-velvet touch 3sx80g
Garnier sakura white foam 100ml *1
Head & Shoulder shampoo a/hairfall 330ml*1
Systema super value pack 3s sensitive
Method Waterfall Foaming Hand Wash 300ml
Lifebuoy b/wash coolfresh 950ml*1
Libresse Ultra-Thin Wing Pad 24cm x 18pcs
Gatsby moving rubber-spiky edge 80g *1
Lux shower cream magic spell 600ml *1
Lux shower cream white impress 600ml *1
Parodontax active fluoride 90g
Sunsilk conditioner-n/s/&smooth 320ml
Libresse Maxi Night Wing Pad 32cm x 12
Systema adv. t/paste d/c/ whitening 130g
Systema adv. t/paste e/g/protection 130g
Zen shower cream goat's milk 1lit
Zen shower cream lavendar 1lit
Systema Big Head Toothbrush 1pack
Dettol body wash fresh- ref. 850g *1
Oral-b u/t black tea 3s blister
Rejoice conditioner 320ml perfume smooth

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