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CF Smooth Tofu 300g
CF Japanese Pressed Tofu 400g
Lo Sam Traditional Tofu 4pcs
Ken Hin Peeled Garlic 200g
Jia-Jia Egg Tofu 120g x 3
DoDo Fish Cake 150g
Lo Sam Steamboat Fish Bean Curd 18pcs
Cheong Fatt Chopped Garlic 250g
AD Fried Fish Ball (S) 170g
CF Organic Smooth Tofu 300g
Lo Sam 3 in 1 Smooth Egg Tofu 140g
Lo Sam Fried Bean Curd (Thin) 10pcs
Cheong Fatt Fried Tofu 70g
AD White Fish Roll 12pcs
Sia Foods Bream Fish Cakes 3pcs
Ipoh Laksa Noodle (Laksa Pendek) 450g
Mushroom Fish Cake 300g
Mushroom Fish Balls (Bebola Ikan) 160g
Ipoh Kueh Teow (Flat Rice Noodle) 450g
Yes Gourmet Minced Garlic 250g

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