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[NON-HALAL] Xin Hub Original Pork 210g
CI Pork Meat Ball K200 (Small Size) 200g
[NON-HALAL] C.I. Fu Zhou Fish Ball 200g
[NON-HALAL] Solid Food Chicken Cocktail 200g
[NON-HALAL] Xin Hub Wantun With Pork 200g
[NON-HALAL] Solid Food Back Bacon 150g
[NON-HALAL] Mini Roasted Pork Bun 1pack
[NON-HALAL] Solisege Emmenthalar Sausage 200g
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[NON-HALAL] Xin Hub Pork and Celery Dumpling 10pcs/pack
[NON-HALAL] Century Egg Dumpling 6pcs/pack
[NON-HALAL] Smoke Streaky Bacon 500g
[NON-HALAL] C.I. Cheese Meat Ball 200g
[NON-HALAL] Pork Steamed Bun (Big) 1pack
[NON-HALAL] BBQ Pork Steamed Bun 1pack
Edwards of Conwy 6 Pork and Leek Sausages 400g

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