Cake Ingredients and Deco

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Arm and Hammer Pure Baking Soda 454g
Meriah Bread Crumbs 300g
Wonder’s Cocoa Powder 100g
Princess Blackcurrant Fruit Filling 410g
Planta Margarine 1kg
Hershey's Chocolate Shell Topping 205g
Meriah Original Baking Chocolate 200g
McKenzie's Citric Acid 75g
Healthy Hazel Nut 150g
Healthy Apricot Kernel 150g
Kise Asam Hitam 90g
Kise Asam Thai Kering 90g
Kise Jauza Merah Kering 145g
Kise Chin Rei Mei 140g
Kise Asam Rindu Kering 90g
Kise Black Plum (Pelam Hitam) 115g
Kise Bunga Putih Kering 80g
Healthy Pitted Prune 205g
Healthy Dried Mango 110g
Healthy Dried Blueberry 150g
Meriah Quick 75 Cake Stabilizer 50g
Meriah Original Classic Rice 310g
Meriah Original Chocolate Rice 350g
Meriah Dried Cranberries 100g
Meriah Baking Chocolate 1kg
DCL Active Dried Yeast 125g
Queen Butter Cream Icing 300g
Meriah Milk Rice Cake Topping 30g
Meriah Ginger Powder 20g
Meriah Baking Chocolate 500g

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