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Save 10%
Figo Steamboat Choice 500g
F&N Teh Tarik Less Sweet 270ml
CP Chicken Roll 700g
Save 18%
Simplot Hashbrown Original 638g
Save 19%
Farmers Union Greek Style Natural Yogurt 1kg
DoDo Fish Cake 150g
Yoplait Mixed Berry Yogurt 100g
Save 16%
UFC Refresh Coconut Water 1L
OmniMeat All-Purpose Plant-Based Mince 230g
Kart’s Original Paratha 450g
Save 13%
Naturel Soft Margarine 500g
Naturel Soft Margarine 500g
RM 8.90 RM 10.20
Bird's Eye Fish Fingers 375g
Naturel Soft Margarine 250g
New Zealand Frozen Boneless Lamb Shoulder 1.5kg
Save 8%
Tricious 9.5” All Cheese Pizza 280g
Save 9%
Marigold HL Low Fat Chocolate Flavoured Milk 1L
Tillamook Mudslide Ice Cream 1.66L
Save 10%
Figo Beef Meatball 500g
Figo Beef Meatball 500g
RM 8.99 RM 10
Save 8%
Tricious 9.5” Beef Pepperoni Pizza 320g
Save 19%
Farmers Union Greek Style All Natural Light Yogurt 1kg
Yoplait Vanila Yoghurt 100g
Yoplait Mango Yogurt 100g
Save 49%
Emborg U’GO Peach & Passion Yoghurt 100g
Kawan Shoes String French Fries Potatoes 1kg
Gemie Yam Mini Buns 270g
Ile De France Mini Brie Cheese 125g
Gourmessa Chicken Lyoner 100g
F&N Teh Tarik Ori 270ml
Save 22%
Farmers Union Greek Style Vanilla Bean Yogurt 950g
Save 49%
Emborg U’GO Raspberry Yoghurt 100g
Emborg Perfect Whip Topping 200ml
Alpro Hazelnut Chocolate Ice Cream 500ml
New Zealand Frozen Lamb Leg Chop 300g
Save 20%
Marina Chicken Nuggets 800g
Marina Chicken Nuggets 800g
RM 11.99 RM 14.90
Save 14%
Figo Japanese Prawn Dumpling (Gyoza) 200g
Save 20%
Marina Tempura Chicken Nugget Cheddar Cheese 800g
Save 9%
Marigold Peel Fresh Apple with Aloe Vera 1L
Save 9%
Marigold Peel Fresh Orange Juice Drink 1L
Australia Frozen Oxtail 1kg
Nestle Kit Kat Bites Chocolate Ice Cream 750ml
Emborg Frozen Chopped Spinach 450g
Lactel Fat Free Strawberry Yogurt 470g
Kart’s Original Donut 160g

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