1) What type of payment do you accept?

We accept Debit and Credit cards (VISA and MasterCard).
2) Is it safe to use my Credit Card?

Yes, definitely. We guarantee that every transaction you make at JayaGocer.com is 100% safe. You are protected from any unauthorised charges (usage without the consent of the account holder) made to your card while shopping at JayaGrocer.com.

As a fraud-preventive measure, we will send you a confirmation email once your order is confirmed. If you receive a confirmation email for a transaction you didn't approve, please contact your bank directly to raise this issue and they will then liaise with us on your behalf.
3) When will the payment be deducted from my credit/debit card?

When paying for your order, we will lock your card details and payment amount once your order is submitted. This is done in order to check for any fraudulent activity. 

Once we receive confirmation that you have received your order from our rider, only then will we deduct your payment.
4) What if I find an item that is priced incorrectly or unfairly?

If you notice an item that you believe is priced incorrectly or unfairly, please let us know at customer@jayagrocer.online. You can choose to not receive the goods that are not as per your order. We will deduct the amount and only charge you for the products you purchase. On very rare occasions, the price of some products might change due to unforeseen circumstances. We reserve the right to change to correct price or to cancel ordered items that are priced incorrectly without any prior notice.