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C.I. Fu Zhou Fish Ball 200g
C.I.  Pork Meatball 200g
CL Pork Meat Ball 200g
CS BBQ Bun 360g
CS BBQ Bun 360g
RM 7.90
C.I. Meat Tendon Ball 200g
Ori Taste Chives & Eggs Dumplings 210g
Ori Taste : Pork & Chili Dumplings 210g
C.S. Salted Egg Mai 300g
C.I. Pork Meat Ball (C125) 1kg
C.I. Pork Meat Ball 200g
C.I. Sincerity Meat Ball 200g
C.S Meatball 500g
C.S. Beancurd Roll 230g
C.S. Lotus Paste Bun 350g
C.S. Beancurd Prawn Roll 250g
C.S. Lo Mai Gai 1pack
Euro Deli Smoked Cooked Duck Breast 200g
C.I. Heart To Heart Meat Ball 200g
Ori Taste Original Pork Dumplings 210g
C.S. Shao Mai 15pcs
C.I. Pork Meat Ball (C75) 1kg
Gao Ren Pepper Pig Stomach Soup 800g
C.S. Fresh Meat Roll 1pack
CYL Emperor Dumpling 10pcs
C.S. Fresh Meat Roll 450g
C.S. Crispy Bacon Roll 260g
Gao Ren Char Siew Bun 50g x 6
Gao Ren Pork Rendang 300g
C.S. Five Spices Meat Roll 12pcs
C.I. Pork Meat Ball (C35) 1kg
C.I. Pork Meat Ball (C170) 1kg
C.S. Crispy Rice Roll 450g

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