It’s our favourite time of the year- durian season! Whether you’re a durian lover or a durian hater, you’d know that the aroma tends to linger. So here are a few tricks on how to get rid of the smell!

1.To get rid of the smell in cars, rumour has it that the stems of durians can help neutralise odours. Just break off the stem from the durian, break it open lengthwise, and stick the stem into the air vents and let the air flow as usual. It may take a while, so try using a few stems and practise your patience!

2. We all know that if we don’t use gloves when we eat durian, the smell really sticks to your fingers. However, a quick fix is with using stainless steel. imply rub your fingers against a stainless steel pot or even the kitchen faucet.

3. If your fridge is starting to smell like durian too, place a few pieces of charcoal briquettes in there. Coal is a natural odour and moisture absorber, and it works great to neutralise unwanted smells!